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Making a Mark in The Hospitality Industry

Luxe Hotels

The challenge for Luxe Hotels was to design an experiential and lifestyle synchronized communications platform that was workable for both Luxe Hotels (branded properties) and L.E. Hotels, a collection of premier independent hotel properties worldwide, across 31 countries. Multi-channel digital communications streams had to work in concert with each other regarding overall positioning and messaging, and needed to be dynamic by design, addressing different audiences from various angles. The programming was designed to be foundational and sustainable, as the brand expanded. We implemented an overarching brand platform and specific programming per business unit, that included a Brand Share of Voice and Consumer Engagement as well as Partnerships and Quarterly Engagement, Influencer Marketing and Special Promotion programming that would be tied to seasonal happenings, news cycle or opportunistic events.

Earned Media
Lifestyle Engagement
Message Development
Paid Media
Digital Communications
Book Marketing
Trade Shows
Brand Development
Corporate Communications
Influencer Relations
Product Launch
Special Events
Reputation Management
Community Relations
Content Marketing
Health and Wellness
Millennial Engagement
Social Media Audit
Multi-Channel Marketing