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The Baronial CEO Suite - On Its Way To Extinction

In a recent NYT article headlined, “The Decline of the Baronial CEO,” in which it stated that the CEO, whether of a private or public company, had to recognize that they were no longer the “baronial chief executive of another era, sitting atop an industrial dominion with all the attendant privileges.”

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Memorial Day - Remembering Lives Unlived

I once visited Omaha Beach on the coast of Normandy, France, the beach where during World War II, the Allies landed on June 6, 1944, known as D-Day.

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A Voice Of Reason

As a longtime loyalist to The New York Times (NYT), I read a title with a start and a smile at its cleverness, namely, “All The Views Fit To Cause Fits,” referring to a new NYT column by Bret Stephens. The title is really ingenious and attention grabbing, and a play on the treasured words, “All the News That’s Fit To Print.”

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Forbes: To Connect With Gen Z, Marketers Need To Listen

When I first published my book Disrupted, From Gen Y to iGen: Communicating with the Next Generation in 2013, I felt that the public relations and marketing worlds were largely unprepared for the onslaught of this new type of consumer. I addressed the revolutionary realities of a new generation of consumers, which I labeled iGen (and is often referred to as Gen Z) coming into the marketplace and was prompted by an acute realization that they were just about to enter college.

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Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day arrives tomorrow but the fundraising started today. At our agency RED is VERY special to us. We are inspired by the color red, as it signifies boldness and inspires fresh ideas. There is no better idea than to “don a Red Nose” and then do your part to help end child poverty -- one RED nose at a time.

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Lunch Anyone?

When it comes to lunch, our LA office has its fair share of options as to what makes a tasty quick bite in between speaking with the media, writing a creative brief or brainstorming that great disruptive idea. Whether it’s a Chipotle burrito, an order of Beef and Broccoli from Panda Express, or a burger from the newly opened Shake Shack, there are endless choices.

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Noemi Pollack’s Desk (June)

Greetings: This month, influencers - as to who they are and how best to engage them - are much talked about in the media.

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Forbes: Eight Ways To Leverage An Award And Garner Further Attention

Accolades can seem like huge news for a company when, in fact, they barely resonate outside a particular niche industry. However, connecting the dots between a company’s announcement and the industry news cycle will allow for added context and texture.

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New Case Study: April Fools with SodaStream and Paris Hilton

The Pollack PR Marketing Group released a new case study featuring their work with SodaStream on promoting their Paris Hilton April Fools campaign Nanodrop.

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