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Why Audiences Are Connecting To Vertical Videos

Audiences are spending more time on their mobile devices and more time viewing content. How can video orientation directly create content that’s more likely to connect with an audience?

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Lyft Is Giving Back... And Creating A New Blueprint For Corporate Social Responsibility

Lyft is using its own product as a vehicle for corporate responsibility initiatives. What does this kind of giving back do for employee morale, and why should other companies follow suit?

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2019 Donut Bowl

It's like the puppy bowl, but with donuts. It's the game before the big game. Why focus on the Rams and Patriots when there's Donut Bowl 2019. Don't miss it!

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Forbes: 15 Unique Ways To Use Video To Boost Audience Engagement

Video marketing is now popular in the industry, but how can marketers best use this platform to stand out among their competitors?

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Participate In USC Annenberg’s 2019 Global Communications Survey

Share thoughts on the future of PR, VR, AI, SEO and other important communications trends in this year’s industry-based survey, supported by the Worldcom Public Relations Group.

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Forbes: 10 Marketing Tools And Tactics That Will Shake Up The Industry In 2019

Following marketing trends can create big returns for companies that do it right. PPMG's Stefan Pollack offered one of 10 marketing tools and tactics that will be crucial for marketers in 2019.

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Forbes: 14 Key Functions Of Google Analytics Agencies Should Be Using

Google Analytics is a crucial tool for marketers. PPMG's Stefan Pollack offered one of 14 insights into how agencies should be properly using every function of the analytics platform.

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Forbes: 11 Strategies For Keeping Viewers Engaged After A High-Profile Ad

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. The agency’s President, Stefan Pollack, was featured in the Forbes Agency Council’s latest piece, '11 Strategies For Keeping Viewers Engaged After A High-Profile Ad'.

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Vine To Byte: How One Video-Splicing App Is Making Its Comeback

Vine is out, but Byte is in. The new social media app is centered around video content, and has the possibility to become a multi-million-user platform like its predecessor.

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Agency Partnership Releases 2019 PR Predictions And Top 10 Communications Tips

The Pollack PR Marketing Group contributed to the Worldcom Group’s public relations predictions and media trends as well as what to look for in 2019, and top 10 communications tips.

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