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Prime Day And The Amazon Revolution

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer, with 2018's Prime Day only proving its dominance and showing how the company has seemingly the perfect formula for millennial shoppers.

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Can A British AI Firm Solve Facebook's "Fake News" Problem?

Can AI stop the spread of fake news on Facebook? The social media giant thinks so, and is making a hefty investment to cleaning up newsfeeds across the platform.

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Augmented Reality Ads: Coming To A Facebook Feed Near You

Online shopping is taking another giant leap. Augmented reality advertisements are about to hit Facebook, but how successful will it be on the world's largest social media platform?

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Creating a Pitch

Sending a pitch to the media is not a simple endeavor. How can you craft your pitch to increase your chances of engaging the media and reaching your target audiences?

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Social Media Tax? One Nation's New Law And How It Relates To Net Neutrality

A social media tax in Uganda raises bigger questions about net neutrality and how public of a resource the internet is in 2018. How dangerous of a precedent does this set?

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Forbes: 10 Things A Brand Should Consider When Implementing A Subscription Service

PPMG's Stefan Pollack was featured in the Forbes Agency Council's latest piece.

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Understanding The "Vlog" And Using It To Your Advantage

Video blogging is a form of marketing often overlooked. What is it, why is it becoming increasingly important for marketers, and how can you integrate it into your digital media strategy?

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The 2018 PPMG Summer Playlist

Whether you jam out to pop or jazz, or dream about heavenly classical music, you will definitely find your new favorite summer tracks on this playlist.

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Instagram Group Video Calling: What Should You Know?

Instagram Group Video Calling is here, but what chat features does it offer? And how does it stack up against SnapChat and Facetime's multi-person video call offerings?

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Five Things You Need To Know About Instagram TV

Instagram is changing its social media video strategy. What new features and services will Instragram TV offer its millions of users?

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