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Speed Dating Your Paid Social Media Audience

You wouldn’t get married without knowing your spouse. Make sure you’re doing the same with your paid social media budget. See how you can find a highly engaged and relevant audience to lift your marketing campaign.

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The Pitfalls Of Brand Confusion

Let’s face it: Brand confusion reigns out there in the marketplace. Is your product an experience or is it simply inexpensive? Is it a lifestyle, or is it simply the cheapest option? Find out how to sort through the confusion.

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Self-Driving Cars: Pros And Cons To The Next Big Shift In Transportation

Transportation innovation remains a big part of the 21st Century's technology development. Where do we stand in 2018 when it comes to getting self-driven cars into mainstream society?

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Forbes: Top Tips For Keeping Your Branding And Marketing Authentic

PPMG's Stefan Pollack was featured in the Forbes Agency Council's latest piece.

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Facebook And Elections: Fighting Fake News On Our Feeds

The 2018 elections are just months away. With political propaganda likely to hit your Facebook newsfeed, the social media giant is trying to combat false and misleading political imagery. But will it be enough?

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The Influencer Revolution - A Social Media Trend Or The 'New Normal'?

Influencers have taken over advertising world, from start-ups to corporate brands. But are they here to stay, or is this another advertising trend in a fast-moving online landscape?

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Viral Sensations: Turning Trends Like The #InMyFeelingsChallenge Into Social Media Success

We see social media sensations go viral, but how do brands and influencers alike best capitalize on these trends to maximize their exposure online?

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Podcasts: Capturing The Content Marketing World's Latest Trend

Podcasts are emerging as an important form of communication for entertainers, journalists and advertisers. How can you join this trend successfully from a brand and content marketer perspective?

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Social Media Security: Is Regulation Policy Coming Soon?

The government is looking into a policy paper regulating social media security, especially in the wake of Facebook's recent data breaches. What suggestions do policymakers have right now?

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PR Week: Pollack PR Marketing Group names A.J. Hernandez as digital lead

The Pollack PR Marketing Group names A.J. Hernandez as Digital Practice Lead. A.J. will report to president and CFO Stefan Pollack.

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