Celebrating The Pollack PR Marketing Group’s 20th Anniversary Of Our Partnership, In The Worldcom Public Relations Group

The impact of this partnership has become a worldwide advantage for agency clients, as well as shared clients, with international and domestic interests.

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For First Time, CEOs Have Their Say In 2019 Global Communications Report From USC Annenberg

There currently exists a gap between perceptions of what media silos are important to communications professionals compared to that of CEOs.

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NYT’s Op-Ed Columnist, David Brooks, Surprises

Every morning, together with my first cup of coffee, as habit has it, I read the front page of The New York Times (NYT), followed by a perusing of the Op-Ed page for points of views from columnist that I respect.

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Forbes: 14 Things To Remember When Creating 'Explainer' Videos

Creating video content is no piece of cake, but agency president Stefan Pollack and other marketing experts share their advice on producing the best explainer video possible.

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Forbes: 14 Unexpected Tips Experts Learned From Storytelling In Marketing

Marketers often need to develop stories to help sell their products and services. What are lessons that can be learned from storytellers in other fields?

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Four Ways To Measure ROI In Your Public Relations Programs

Although it can be difficult to directly correlate sales data to an earned media campaign, there are other ways of showing a campaign’s value.

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red all about itInteresting Reads - The Week Of August 16

Meal-delivering robots are about to hit the streets of San Francisco, Gucci bets on avatars, and understanding which social media platforms you should be posting on highlight this week's Interesting Reads.

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red all about itCelebrating Barco Uniforms' 90th Anniversary

As part of Barco’s 90th anniversary celebration, the agency delivered the keynote speech to Barco retailers as to how to future-proof a business and shared valuable retail industry insights.

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red all about itInteresting Reads - The Week Of August 9

A major development for Facebook's relationship with Instagram and WhatsApp, how marketers are adapting to today's consumers, and flying cars highlight this week's attention-catching Interesting Reads.

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