Celebrating The Pollack PR Marketing Group’s 20th Anniversary Of Our Partnership, In The Worldcom Public Relations Group

The impact of this partnership has become a worldwide advantage for agency clients, as well as shared clients, with international and domestic interests.

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For First Time, CEOs Have Their Say In 2019 Global Communications Report From USC Annenberg

There currently exists a gap between perceptions of what media silos are important to communications professionals compared to that of CEOs.

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NYT’s Op-Ed Columnist, David Brooks, Surprises

Every morning, together with my first cup of coffee, as habit has it, I read the front page of The New York Times (NYT), followed by a perusing of the Op-Ed page for points of views from columnist that I respect.

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Forbes: 12 Tips For Spreading The Word When Your Company Receives Kudos

How can you avoid self-serving company announcements or awards while still utilizing praise as an extremely valuable marketing tool?

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Forbes: Is Your Business' Website Traffic Declining? Here Are 14 Tips To Diagnose The Drop

Agency president Stefan Pollack, along with fellow members of the Forbes Agency Council, offers tips to help diagnose a sharp drop in your website traffic.

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Support Red Nose Day With PPMG

Red Nose Day is on May 24, but fundraising has already begun. Join PPMG and make an impact in ending child poverty -- one RED nose at a time.

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red all about itGetCharged Inc. (Charge) Retains Now You Global Communications And The Pollack PR Marketing Group To Lead PR Efforts

The agency will support Charge with its global launch as they aim to build the largest network of electric charging, storage and service stations for e-scooters and e-bikes.

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red all about itInteresting Reads - The Week Of June 14

A major announcement for mobile gaming, insight into how consumers want brands to engage them, and the emerging trend of in-home styling highlight this week's Interesting Reads.

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red all about itThe Impact of Artificial Intelligence In The Newsroom And What It Means For Public Relations Professionals

Machine learning is here to stay, and there are a number of important takeaways to be recognized. Check out a few of those takeaways.

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