Red is bold. It inspires, stimulates the spirit, spurs action and sparks passion. It signifies ambition, leadership and determination. Red is a State of Mind.


In 1985, a tight-knit group of passionate people had a vision for a new kind of agency with a straightforward and no-nonsense approach. They rolled up their sleeves and started turning that vision into a reality.

Today, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, the agency consists of people who believe that 150 percent effort is really just another way of saying that your first 100 percent is not all that impressive.

It is about people who prefer to skip the jargon, get real and deliver creative ideas and strategies that drive growth. And about its access to the international creative capability of 2,000 communicators globally, as a partner in The Worldcom Public Relations Group.


Business Connectors

With decades of experience in countless industries, we help businesses connect to those that need to know and hear of them.

Media Experts

It is not just about having established relationships with online and offline media, rather it is what you do, when you do it, and how you get their attention when it matters the most.

Consumer Activators

While others are busy blasting messages at consumers, we work to understand consumer behaviors and wants, and then craft messages relevant to them to create meaningful interactions.

Brand Positioners

It is difficult to understand a brand’s DNA. We specialize in crystalizing your core message and differentiating your brand in the marketplace.

Social Influencers

It is not enough to only have a social media department. It is about creating clout to be influential, both offline and online.

Millennials, Xers, and Boomers in Harmony

Three generations of professionals, each with their own experiences and unique perspectives, respecting each other’s point of view and making it all come together as one. (Most of the time).

iGen/Gen Z Specialists

We have a profound understanding of their needs and wants and therefore get how brands can effectively reach them. We wrote the book on it.

Team Leaders

Noemi Pollack
CEO and Founder
Noemi Pollack
CEO and Founder

When Noemi founded the agency a little over three decades ago, she had a vision for a new kind of agency, one that would connect emotionally with people, stimulate meaningful relationships, and provide a straightforward and no-nonsense approach to communication. Under her guidance, the agency expanded into an integrated marketing firm, one that remained true to the founding vision and, over the ensuing years, garnered an enviable reputation for excellence.

Noemi is a prolific reader and writer. She believes that both are intertwined and dependent on each other for achieving excellence in the written word. Her additional strengths lie in crystalizing a client’s core message and differentiating its brand in the marketplace. It also lies in conceptualizing creative ideas that drive growth, unlock opportunities and build strong brands, resulting in positive marketplace behavior changes.

Noemi first pursued a career in music, studying at The Juilliard School of Music in NYC, where she met her future concert pianist husband, Daniel Pollack, who performs globally today. She continues to be passionate about classical music, immersing herself in the world of music as a way of life. Post-music, (following studies in Business and PR, at NYU in New York and later at UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School), Noemi pursued a second career as PR Director of the well-known Steinway Piano Dealer, Sherman Clay, where her main clients were some of the great world renown Steinway artists. Her third career began with the founding of the agency 32 years ago. 

An industry veteran, Noemi has served on numerous Boards of Directors, is the past Global Marketing Chair of The Worldcom Public Relations Group, has been featured in several industry articles, and has published numerous articles.

Noemi speaks five languages, fluently. She accompanies her husband, Daniel, on his worldwide concert tours as often as time permits, writing in hotel rooms, on park benches or backstage at concerts, as necessary. 

Stefan Pollack
President and CFO
Stefan Pollack
President and CFO

Well-regarded as a national leader in the public relations and strategic communications industries, Stefan’s nature is to get involved. Whether it is chairing an industry association or a chamber of commerce, or being on a Board of Director of a trade or environmental council/foundation, or teaching PR and journalism to university students, Stefan feels that staying on the sidelines is never an option.  

He brings this sense of involvement and leadership to the agency, combining his business acumen and background with creativity. He believes that those PR and marketing campaigns that stand out from the clutter are imaginative, built on sound business decisions and key into industry sectors’ current business climate.

Stefan is steadfast in his conviction that PR requires a certain level of personal intellectual curiosity, one that can’t really be taught which, in turn, forces people to ask the right questions and push the boundaries. He dwells on this with his PR students at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism where, for the last 15 years, he has been an Adjunct Professor.

Known for his 2 AM brainstorming emails, Stefan has a huge appetite for reading and watching all things related to his wide interests, such as water issues, technology and social media. He is particularly interested in the next generation — after the millennials — which he coined “iGen,” discussed in his first book, “Disrupted, from GenY to iGen, Communicating With The Next Generation,” a book that explores the challenges and opportunities of the new “disrupted” communications landscape.  His next big adventure: another book profiling successful “iGeners.”

Stefan holds a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife Karen and daughters Elyse and Sophie.

Will Ostedt
Will Ostedt

A firm believer that the best brand marketers are those who paid the most attention to their psychology, sociology and philosophy professors, Will’s expertise lies in helping clients reach their intended audiences through compelling content and simplified messaging that works.  

Often called upon to play the role of the resident brand psychologist for those agency clients in need, Will has been instrumental in helping brands shed their inhibitions and overcome internal and external barriers to effective brand communications.

A native New Yorker, who spent his summers up to his knees in all types of manure while working on his family’s farm in western Iowa, Will never had any intention of applying his political science and sociology degrees to a career in public relations. So, he did what anyone else would do and entered the broadcast sports industry. 

After 6-years in network production and promotions, and no longer deterred by the challenge of explaining PR to his grandmother, Will made the jump to PR and joined the agency 18 years ago.

Applying his rural understanding and big city insight, with media production, brand marketing, creative content development and manure management experience,  Will excels at providing clients with well-rounded brand strategies that speak the language and correct tone of the intended audiences.

When not in the office, Will enjoys relaxing at his Los Angeles home with his wife, kids and dog.  Except for on Sunday’s in the Fall, when he can be found sitting on his couch in complete despair while watching his beloved New York Jets, as he has done for over 40 years.

Mark Havenner
Vice President
Mark Havenner
Vice President

A lifelong creator and storyteller, Mark Havenner has worked in public relations and marketing for more than 15 years. His deep experience in content creation, digital marketing, and social media has been deployed on behalf of clients in broad range of industries. A trusted agency strategist, Mark focuses on the power of storytelling, whether it be brand identity, a particular media pitch, or the look and feel of a website.

As a novelist, book publisher, and tabletop game designer, Mark is passionate about the power of human communication and the meaningful impact of imagination. His creativity and natural understanding of storytelling enable him to find direct and effective ways to connect the messages of brands with the needs of audiences, no matter the medium.

Mark started his career in graphic design before moving into magazine distribution where he spent several years immersed in retail marketing, publishing, and wholesale distribution. He created a publishing company and published several fiction and non-fiction titles, including his own tabletop games and books. Throughout his career in public relations and marketing his passion for publishing and game development has delivered highly-valued expertise in niche markets such as book marketing and distribution, author and creator representation, Kickstarter and crowdfunding, influencer marketing, and digital marketing.

Mark has served on the Worldcom Public Relations Digital Communications Committee, leads the agency’s digital practice, and is the go-to agency expert on Geek culture.

Mark holds a degree in eBusiness and an MBA in Marketing. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, a professor, teacher, and author and his son who plays the drums in an elementary school rock band.

Brandon Buck
Digital Practice Lead
Brandon Buck
Digital Practice Lead

Brandon has always taken inspiration in filmmaking and storytelling through extended media and platforms. Starting with film print manipulation in the dark room by hand in high school, he has always continued to experiment with design and presentation in visual arts. Understanding how audiences and users will experience and interact with a concept, he has extended production and marketing campaigns for numerous agencies and companies.

Prior to joining the agency, Brandon founded his own production company focused on creating video content and graphic design for marketing purposes, while developing his own custom tools for automating the generation of videos and images at scale. Previously he co-founded a company that produced a large collection of stylized educational and entertaining videos for children, with a remote film production team from around the country. He also has extensive experience working in broadcast television advertising.

Brandon's clients include Myspace, Dollar Shave Club, Honda North America, Dreamworks Animation SKG, Change.gov, and many more. Growing up in Southern California, he traveled 3,000 miles away from Hollywood to study Film and Television Production at Savannah College of Art and Design. At home, he is an eager chef and brewer perfecting any and all techniques of roasting and baking. He and his wife Erika spend their weekends camping with their first child.

Jackie Liu
GROUP Supervisor
Jackie Liu
GROUP Supervisor

Jackie’s fast rise at the agency, from Account Manager to her present position as Group Supervisor, speaks well for the confidence that she instills in her clients. She largely focuses on national clients in the commercial real estate and legal industry sector, as well as consumer and technology accounts. Her outlook for each client is toward the bigger picture goal, as well as managing and overseeing their day-to-day needs. Jackie has worked with several clients during her entire tenure at the agency, which attest to her prowess at managing client relationships and sensitivities.

Jackie has had a colorful professional experience that has taken her all over the world. Having aspired at one time to be a broadcast journalist, pop singer and novelist – sometimes all at the same time – she now channels those passions into her client work and is a sought-after writer and editor. She has counseled Fortune 50 companies, written articles for client trade publications, and managed the communications and marketing needs of clients, including writing content and planning large-scale events.

She has taken a non-traditional career path and is passionate about mentoring young people. Jackie is a strong advocate for reading books, consuming different news mediums and pushing the boundaries of intellectual curiosity. She believes that successful PR counselors need to have a broad knowledge of pop culture, diversity issues, politics, as well as sound business acumen and common sense.

Jackie is an avid Tweeter, a die-hard sports fan and a voracious reader. In her spare time, you’ll find her reading a novel and drinking coffee. She holds three degrees, all from the University of Southern California, where she serves on the faculty of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, teaching Effective Writing for Strategic Public Relations.

Jackie resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Justin.

Stephanie Goldman
Account Supervisor
Stephanie Goldman
Account Supervisor

In her current position, Stephanie manages daily client communications needs and campaigns for high-profile publicly traded companies as well as private corporations within the consumer products and food and beverage industries as well as start-ups and incubator firms. For each client, Stephanie develops a strategic communications plan and manages all the core account elements, including thought leadership, national media relations and marketing programs. 

As the media lead for several clients, she has secured client coverage in a variety of leading business media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, CNN, the Los Angeles Times and CNBC. She has regular engagement with journalists in industry sectors such as consumer health, advertising and marketing, and lifestyle products. Stephanie has often arranged and staffed top-tier media tours for CEOs of publicly traded companies, including crafting talking points that addressed business, political, social and environmental topics.

Stephanie believes PR should function as a liaison channel between an organization and its various audiences. These includes reaching investors, shareholders, donors, consumers, media, and even the C-suite and employees, through news, social media engagement, and other marketing platforms – and that media relations is a cornerstone of this channel.

In addition, Stephanie coordinates the New York office internship program, where she is dedicated to helping PR students understand all the roles of agencies and their respective client campaigns, so that interns may have the context to hone practical skill sets over the course of the semester.  

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations from Boston University’s College of Communication. Additionally, she has a certificate in personal nutrition from the Shaw Academy and continues to be an avid home chef. She resides in Hoboken, New Jersey with cat, “Snoop Dogg.”  

Emily Frumberg
Account Supervisor
Emily Frumberg
Account Supervisor

Emily, an account supervisor in the New York office, largely focuses on national clients in the commercial real estate, technology and software industries, providing strategic oversight for clients with a focus on thought leadership. 

Emily’s path to account supervisor at the Pollack PR Marketing Group (PPMG) has been somewhat unconventional. Starting fresh out of college, Emily began her career working for the House Committee on Financial Services in Washington, DC. Her knack for communicating complex policy in a digestible way, quickly catapulted her new position as the committee’s whip and Chairman’s liaison. She moved from “whipping votes” to being responsible for keeping Members of Congress, their staff, the House Floor and Senate, abreast of all current and pending committee legislation. In this position, Emily’s ability to write was integral to her success. Most importantly, this role served as the catalyst to her penchant for communications, especially in a fast-paced, challenging environment.

Subsequently, back in NYC, she became the director of investor relations and communications at a tech-centric long-short hedge fund. Soon thereafter, Snowden Lane Partners, a hybrid registered investment advisory firm (RIA), invited her to direct that firm’s integrated communication initiatives and public relations efforts. In her new position she provided strategic, corporate communications counsel to the CEO and senior partners.

She moved to PPMG, specifically to join a team of fiercely driven people like herself, who believe there is something incredibly gratifying about being creative, inventive, single-minded client-driven and committed to making a difference. 

Emily graduated from Philips Academy Andover before heading out west to attend the University of California, Berkeley, where she received a BA in Political Science and History.

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