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I truly enjoy working with the entire Pollack team. PPMG's perfect blend of strategic thinking and always-on dedication is invaluable to our business.

Emma Froelich-Shea, FORMER VP Marketing SodaStream USA

They are not only a PR agency, but rather also a strategic marketing partner that has helped us grow professionally, by helping us elevate the company to a completely new level.

Ze'ev barylka, director of marketing, netafim usa

The Pollack Group is not only excellent media relations advocates for Market Track, but we steadily rely on their partnership and strategic counsel.

traci gregorski, SVP of Marketing, Market Track

They have devised and fine-tuned our complex messaging architecture, and have provided strategic counsel when approach the media on behalf of our incubator.

John Susoeff, Creative Director, LA Cleantech Incubator

Pollack has also become a steady partner in our overall marketing and branding strategy and we consider them part of our team, not just an external service provider.

Tyler Kelley, COO Bel Air Investment Advisors

PPMG leveraged the editorial media to help establish and raise awareness for our brand in a very crowded marketplace.

Maria Shinkevich, CMO MGID Inc.
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The Baronial CEO Suite - On Its Way To Extinction

In a recent NYT article headlined, “The Decline of the Baronial CEO,” in which it stated that the CEO, whether of a private or public company, had to recognize that they were no longer the “baronial chief executive of another era, sitting atop an industrial dominion with all the attendant privileges.”

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Forbes: To Connect With Gen Z, Marketers Need To Listen

When I first published my book Disrupted, From Gen Y to iGen: Communicating with the Next Generation in 2013, I felt that the public relations and marketing worlds were largely unprepared for the onslaught of this new type of consumer. I addressed the revolutionary realities of a new generation of consumers, which I labeled iGen (and is often referred to as Gen Z) coming into the marketplace and was prompted by an acute realization that they were just about to enter college.

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Noemi Pollack’s Desk (June)

Greetings: This month, influencers - as to who they are and how best to engage them - are much talked about in the media.

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